GIS – Technology

1-gis_technology_clip_image002_0000GIS1: Uni-compartmental system simulating the gastrointestinal tractconsisted of 1 Duran bottle with removable screw cap and a capacity of 1000 mL, made of borosilicate glass. The Duran bottle screw cap had 4 entries,two for sample and solutions, and the othersfor pH meter and temperature sensor. Duran bottle was put onto magnetic stirrer with ceramic heating plate and had a tabulator GL 32 to take the samples.


GIS1 can be used in two phases, in the same configuration:

Phase 1: Transit simulation through stomach and small intestine;
Phase 2: Transit simulation through colon in uni-compartmental system

2-gis_technology_clip_image004_0000GIS2: In vitro colon transit is compartmented in three sections: C1 – ascending, C2 – transverse, C3 – descending colon. Each section consisted of of Duran bottle with a tabulator GL 32 to take the samples. pH was monitorised by a digital pH meter. The Duran bottles were put onto magnetic stirrer with ceramic heating plate. Optionally, another Duran bottle can be added to simulate the transit through stomach and small intestine.




For example: Testing of probiotic lactic bacteria strains at gastric and small intestine level will follow the protocol:


3- gis_technology_clip_image006_0000

GIS3: In vitro semiautomatic system for testing the viability of microbial strains

The invention consists of an in vitro simulation system of the pig gastro-intestinal tract (stomach and small intestine),in order to determine the viability of probiotic microbial strains. Automation is based on an Arduino Yun module, peristaltic pump and a pH electrode, the simulation being carried out in a Duran GL28 bottle of borosilicate. Automation aims to eliminate the human factor and to simulate in a maximum percent host physiological factors. This represents a strict control of pH at the stomach and small intestine level.
The phases of the simulation in the GIS3 semiautomatic system are:
A Simulation at the stomach level;
B. Simulation at the small intestine level.