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GIS Systems are developed in the laboratories of Industrial Biotechnology Department of the Faculty of Biotechnology, UASVM Bucharest, Romania and of BIOTEHNOL Centre, Bucharest, Romania. The systems realisation was coordinated by Assoc Prof. dr. Emanuel Vamanu.

ColHumB Collection

The services provided in our laboratory, in collaboration with our partners  are based on tests using the following systems:

  • GIS1 – single chamber system for in vitro simulation of the human gastrointestinal tract
  • GIS2 – In vitro simulation system of the human colon in three stages. The GIS2 system determines the real relation between various microbial strains of the human colon by simulating separately the conditions in each segment thereof: ascending colon, transversal colon and descending colon.


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Grand Prize of the International Exhibition of Inventions and Innovations "Traian Vuia", 2021 Timisoara - Method for in vitro testing of the viability of lactic bacteria probiotic strains during gastrointestinal transit and unicameral system for its application, author Emanuel Vamanu.


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